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Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.     Philippians 4:4

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The Light of Christ is the divine energy, power, or influence that proceeds from God through Christ and gives life and light to all things. The Light of Christ influences people for good and prepares them to receive the Holy Ghost. One manifestation of the Light of Christ is what we call a conscience.

Light of Christ

We all love stories, especially ones that give us an “inside look” into someone else’s life.

As a child of God, you have a powerful story to tell. Sharing how you came to Jesus and the difference he’s made in your life can help others discover how they, too, can know God personally.

But how do you distill a lifetime of experiences into a few minutes and communicate the significance of your faith in a way others can understand? 

Bible Verse of the Day!

Many people experience feelings of depression at some point in their life. It can happen if you've recently experienced a loss, a major life change, a new baby, relationship issues, or anything else. Of course, it can also simply be something people experience separate from any event. There are many ways that people choose to deal with depression: talking to a therapist, exercising more, leaning on family or friends, or turning to God.

The Bible is a source of inspiration for many. It can also be a source for comfort if you're dealing with depression. Depression Bible Verses: Psalms 34:17 - 34:18, Matthew 11:28, 1 Peter 5:7, Isaiah 41:10. These are just a few Bible verses for depression are a reminder that no matter what, God is there to lift you up. Mental health struggles are a real burden, but they are not a burden you should carry alone. You can turn to the Bible as a source of spiritual support as you address your struggles with depression - or anything else.

A journey is the act of traveling from one place to another, and the word has often been used to describe our walk through life. We travel from childhood to adulthood, with many stops along the way. We see beautiful things; we have to overcome obstacles. We make mistakes; we make wise decisions.

We feel a multitude of emotions; we meet many people. And each one of us is also traveling a journey of faith, as we trek through this expedition of life. Where are you on your faith journey? Are you at peace? Is your heart at rest? Do you live with hope?

 Start your journey of faith

God loves you. It’s as simple as that. He loves you just as you are. Tell someone.

You don’t walk the journey of this life alone. Continue down the path. The journey of faith is an expedition, not a short stroll.

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."

- Hebrews 11:1

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Matthew 5:14,16 (New International Version)

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Feeling Depressed? Just say LORD, HELP ME GIVE YOU CONTROL OF MY LIFE!

No one is exempt from occasional gloomy feelings. But when depression hits, you can identify the roots and change your negative thinking. God does not want you depressed.

He wants you experiencing great joy! Everyone needs help now and then. Whether you are a teen, adult or senior, this message brings new hope. •Recognize triggers that lead to depression.

•Discover tools to escape depression. •Stand on God's Word and find strength for every situation. SEEK WISE COUNSEL AND ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT TO LEAD YOU OUT OF YOUR DEPRESSION AND INTO THE JOY OF LIVING!