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Inscribed within all things of beauty and wonder, we may see the hand of God at work, be it a painting, a flower, or the smile of a loved one. Exquisite as they may be, these are but a fraction of what we might come to expect to witness within the glory of His Heavenly Kingdom.


God Almighty, creator of the Heaven and the earth, glory in Your name! Thank you for all things beautiful in this world, which we may enjoy knowing they have been wrought by Your hands, forged in grace and love. Aid me in not forgetting to appreciate these wondrous gifts, and always to remember to give our deepest thanks to You. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen....God be with you!

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Something you’ve probably heard before is "the truth hurts". Now this may be true, but stop and think for a minute how perverse and far from the Lord we must have strayed to have arrived at such a phrase entering into common use. In a more perfect world, the truth ought never to be hurt. Only in a world filled with lies, concealment and falsehoods that is something truly threating or painful. As believers in Christ, we ought not fear the truth but welcome it, not hide from it as has become the custom, but face it with courage.


Lord of Heaven, ye who is almighty and everlasting, grant me the courage to face the evils and lies of this world and stand up for what is true and virtuous. Help my battle against the dishonesties within this world and bring forth Your light amidst the darkness. For Your work and gospel is the truth, Your salvation our reality. In the name of the Almighty Father, let Your word reign, Amen